Mobile Car Detailing in Moncton

Are you tired of driving to a car wash or waiting around for someone to detail your car in Moncton? We’ve got a smarter solution for you. 

Choose our mobile car detailing service in Moncton, and we’ll come to you, whether it’s at your home driveway or work. Kick back, relax, and let us handle everything while you enjoy your time.

Our mission is to save you time, money, and increase the value of your car. As the owner, I guarantee your complete satisfaction. If for any reason you’re not happy with our work, we will restart the job until you’re completely satisfied.

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Your Problem: Busy Schedule, Dirty Car, and Declining Value

Ready for a Spotless Car Without the Hassle? Here's Your Instant Solution! We get it – life is hectic, and a dirty car adds to the chaos. But guess what? We've got the perfect solution, and it's as easy as can be.

Our Solution: Car Detailing Service in Moncton - we come to you!

Picture our expert team coming to your door in Moncton with high-quality tools. No need to disrupt your day or make that tedious trip to a detailing shop. Your car gets the VIP treatment right where it is – at home or work.

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Quick and Efficient Moncton Car Detailing in Three Simple Steps with Flexible Scheduling

We make car detailing in Moncton, easy. Just follow our three steps and schedule flexibly. You can get your car detailed at home or work with us. It’s very convenient. Here’s how it works:

Car Detailing

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in 2 minutes

Choose the package you want and give us your address in Moncton. Then, pick a day and time that works for you. We'll handle everything else.

Relax as We
Come to You

Ditch the queues, avoid the wait, and say goodbye to shuttle services in Moncton. Our detailers will come to your location on time. They will bring everything they need for excellent service.

Headlight Restoration


Voila! Watch your car regain its brand-new allure without stepping outside your home. You won't need to worry about a thing - sit back and relax while we do the work.

Moncton most loved seasonal car detailing package to revitalize and protect your vehicle

Our interior and exterior mobile car detailing in Moncton, packages are designed to give you the ultimate options when it comes to car detailing services. Check out our detailing packages below:


$ 120
  • Extract dirt and shampoo carpets, floor mats, and trunk
  • Clean and condition seat fabric, leather, and trunk upholstery
  • Clean and condition dashboard, steering wheel, and console
  • Clean and condition door jams & panels
  • Vinyl, rubber, plastic dressing
  • Full Interior vacuum, including trunk, and floor mats
  • Windows cleaned inside
  • Mirrors cleaning and drying


$ 65
  • 2 Bucket hand wash and rinse
  • Hand dry using microfiber towels
  • Wheels and rims degrease
  • Rims/brake dust removal
  • Clean gas cap area
  • Undercarriage cleaning
  • Exterior trim treatment
  • Dress tires and shine treatment
  • Air freshening for a pleasant interior scent


$ 180
  • Extract dirt and shampoo carpets and floor mats
  • Clean and condition seat fabric, leather, and vinyl components
  • Clean and condition dashboard, steering wheel, and console
  • Clean and condition door panels
  • Vinyl, rubber, plastic dressing
  • Full Interior vacuum and floor mats
  • Trunk vacuum and shampoo
  • Headliner cleaning
  • Sanitize all interior components, including vents
  • Seatbelt cleaning
  • Windows cleaned inside
  • Exterior windows and mirrors cleaned
  • Mirrors cleaning and drying
  • Wheels and rims degrease
  • 2 Bucket hand wash and rinse
  • Hand dry using microfiber towels
  • Rims/brake dust removal
  • Clean gas cap area
  • Exterior trim treatment
  • Dress tires and shine treatment
  • Air freshening for a pleasant interior scent

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Read real reviews from satisfied customers and discover why Crown Detailing is the trusted choice for professional car care.

Elevate Your Car's Appearance with Our Full Detailing Service in Moncton

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Interior Car Detailing in Moncton

Discover the premier interior car detailing in Moncton with Crown Detailing. We clean and protect your car with vacuuming, steam cleaning, and shampooing. We also remove salt stains and condition the leather. Additionally, we polish the car’s interior to make it feel new again. Cars in Moncton can quickly build up dirt, and salt throughout the seasons. To maintain and protect your car’s resale value, it’s crucial to get it detailed. Trust Crown Detailing to restore that new car feel and safeguard your investment.

Exterior Car Detailing Service in Moncton

Elevate your vehicle’s exterior cleaning with our premium car detailing in Moncton. We clean the outside of your car from top to bottom. Then, we apply our special car wax and tire shine products. Experience a lasting, glistening finish that endures for weeks. At Crown Detailing, we aim to make your car look and feel like new again. Please note our exterior car detailing does not fix paint or repair damage. Our main goal is to make your car look more beautiful and impressive. Choose us for an exceptional car detailing experience that is above average.

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Popular questions for mobile car detailing in Moncton

Our mobile car detailing service distinguishes itself from traditional options by bringing the entire detailing experience to your doorstep. This unparalleled convenience ensures that you can receive expert car care without the hassle of driving to a physical location. Our fully-equipped mobile units eliminate the need for you to provide anything, as we arrive ready with all the necessary tools, products, and equipment.

Beyond convenience, our commitment to delivering a high-quality detailing service remains unwavering. We prioritize professionalism, skill, and meticulous attention to detail, mirroring the standards upheld by traditional detailing shops. What sets us apart is the added advantage of time-saving – instead of allocating time to travel and wait at a detailing shop, our mobile service allows you to continue with your daily activities while we enhance your vehicle’s appearance. With flexible scheduling, environmentally conscious practices, and a personalized customer experience, our mobile car detailing service ensures that you not only save time but also receive top-tier service tailored to your individual preferences and location.

Getting your car detailed holds significant importance for both the aesthetic appeal and overall maintenance of your vehicle. Firstly, regular detailing plays a crucial role in preserving your car’s appearance, both internally and externally. The accumulation of dirt, grime, and stains over time can diminish its shine and overall visual appeal. However, through the meticulous process of detailing, these contaminants are effectively removed, restoring your car’s original sparkle and leaving it looking as good as new.

Moreover, car detailing is not just about aesthetics; it also serves as a protective measure against various environmental elements. The application of detailing products helps shield your vehicle from potential damage caused by UV rays, rain, salt, and other harsh conditions. This protective layer not only extends the longevity of your car’s exterior but also safeguards it from the corrosive impact of external factors. 

Furthermore, investing in regular car detailing is a strategic move for maintaining and potentially increasing the resale value of your vehicle. By keeping your car in excellent condition, you enhance its appeal to potential buyers, making it a more attractive and valuable asset in the resale market.

The time it takes for a mobile car detailing service depends on the size and condition of the vehicle. On average, it can take anywhere from one to several hours for a comprehensive detailing session. Larger vehicles or those in need of extensive cleaning and restoration may require more time.

No, you do not need to provide anything for our mobile car detailing services at Crown Detailing. We come fully prepared with all the essential equipment, cleaning products, and tools needed to deliver a comprehensive detailing service for your vehicle. Our goal is to ensure a hassle-free experience for our customers, and as such, we bring everything required to your location. 

We just need to have access to a water source and a power outlet to facilitate the detailing process efficiently. This approach is designed to offer maximum convenience, allowing you to enjoy a thorough car detailing without the need for any additional preparations on your part.

We accepts payment via cash, credit card, and e-transfer.

The cost of a car detailing reflects the comprehensive and meticulous nature of the service. Professional car detailing involves a thorough cleaning, polishing, and protection process both inside and outside the vehicle, requiring specialized tools, high-quality cleaning products, and skilled labor. Detailing goes beyond a regular car wash, addressing every nook and cranny of the vehicle, including the engine bay and interior components. 

The use of premium products, along with the expertise and time invested in achieving a showroom-quality finish, contributes to the overall cost. Additionally, detailing provides long-term benefits such as protecting the vehicle’s paint, upholstery, and overall resale value. While the initial cost may seem higher, the quality and longevity of the results make car detailing a worthwhile investment in preserving and enhancing the condition of your vehicle.

Yes, we offer a range of additional services that can be added to your detailing packages, including:

  • Engine cleaning 
  • Car salt stain removal
  • Complete car steam cleaning
  • Complete car interior vacuuming
  • Surface cleaning and interior vinyl car polishing
  • Car leather cleaning and conditioning
  • Decluttering &  garbage removal
  • Hot water shampooing
  • Rubber mat and carpet mat cleaning
  • SUV car detailing
  • Minivan car detailing
  • Sedan car detailing
  • Pickup truck car detailing

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Certainly! As a client, you can absolutely schedule a recurring appointments for our mobile car detailing services. We understand the importance of consistent vehicle maintenance, and our recurring appointment option is designed to make it easy for you.

By setting up regular detailing sessions, you can ensure that your vehicle maintains its optimal appearance over time.  Whether you prefer weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly appointments, our flexible scheduling allows you to choose a frequency that suits your needs. This way, you can enjoy the convenience of a well-maintained vehicle without the hassle of having to schedule each appointment individually.